is it?

CHILL is a smart framerate limiter that saves power and increases battery gaming time, while not detracting from the gaming experience. As a bonus, CHILL decreases overheating of CPU and GPU and thus prevents performance loss during the game.


does it work?

CHILL tracks what is happening in the game and allocates just the right amount of computational resources to preserve optimal game performance. When there is not much action in the game, CHILL keeps framerate lower. When the action kicks in, framerate goes up. In fact, the gameplay is often significantly improved because CHILL prevents underclocking!


should use it?

CHILL is for you -- if you are playing on a gaming laptop.
CHILL is for you -- if you experience performance drops while playing.
CHILL is for you -- if you want to extend the life of your gaming system.


are supported?

Currently only DirectX 9 games are supported (many of them). DirectX 11 is going to be supported in the future. Currently CHILL is a novel technology. We will work on improving it and bringing support for more games. Your feedback would be of great help for us.