being tested

is it?

SWITCH is a utility that can with a single push of a button change the game’s resolution from 100% to 50%, instantly giving you a significant framerate increase -- which is quite handy during highly dynamic battles.


does it work?

SWITCH intercepts and on the fly modifies commands sent from the game to the graphics card, thus being able to adjust the rendering resolution -- even if the game itself is not capable of doing so without restart.


can use it?

SWITCH is for you -- if the game you are playing sometimes becomes laggy and unresponsive (e.g. during massive battles).
SWITCH is for you -- if you want to be able to change the resolution any moment at will, without restarting the game.
SWITCH is for you -- if you want to keep the game HUD/Text/Overlay at 100% resolution, while rendering the graphics at 50% resolution for increased performance.


are supported?

Currently only DirectX 9 games are supported. DirectX 11 is going to be supported in the future. SWITCH is a novel technology and we are continuously improving it and bringing support for more games. Our development is greatly helped by the users' feedback we are receiving. You can see current game statistics and leave your feedback too!